Tamil New Year Rasi Palan 2013 | Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan 2013 | Tamil New Year Rasi Palan | Chithirai Puthandu Rasi Palan

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The Tamil New Year is to begin from 14th April 2013, Sunday which is the first day of the Chithirai month in Tamil calendar.

Based on the Tamil New Year the astrology horoscope prediction will be calculated for all the 12 Signs like Mesham, Rishabam, Midhunam, Kadagam, Simmam, Kanni, Thulaam, Viruchigam, Dhanusu, Magaram, Kumbam and Meenam.

Here we had updated with the Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan 2013 for all the 12 Signs.

Mesh Rasi, Mesham Rasi – Aries:

Mesh Rasi people, in 2013, you will have ups and downs in many ways. In many cases, enjoy a happy life, a kind of event you will not feel satisfied.

This year, love, health, family, job, money, and education on such matters will have to be careful.

Otherwise, you may meet some reversals. Some of your family and spiritual poisons do you invest your money.

If you have a chance to increase income and savings need to worry too much about money.

In 2013, the most difficult moments in romantic and family-related issues and will handle it however you sure you would use it more for you.
So try your best to keep you quiet. Tankalukkerra educational institutions and curricula, brilliant students in the selected category in 2013, they will be the most exciting type.

Vrishabh Rashi, Rishabam Rasi – Taurus:

Risapa Rasi people, in 2013, you will be more push. Success will surely touch.

The only way to achieve success in everything you just patiently waiting for the chances of you winning ataiyappokum Despite a slight delay to achieve the success you are picked.

In 2013, family, love, vocation provides more you pay attention to such things finished your own.

In matters relating to family and love will be very happy this year.

There are certainly opportunities for unmarried married. Maternity married to the schedule.

You may have to deal with certain issues in the work platform.

But as you exit from your mind serious labor problems, chances are that.

Much love to all of your good nature and tranquil, leading to the progression of your life will be.

This year will be advantageous for the students.

Mithuna Rasi, Midhunam Rasi – Gemini:

Mituna Rasi people are generally quiet and not your content.

In 2013 it passed peacefully throughout the year to help you make your character.

This year, if the conditions are not so favorable.

Negative thoughts and take you to your loved ones and family, there are opportunities.

In 2013 only with trusted contacts you keep.

In this year you may face some of infidelity.

Trick or deception may be occasions when you thread your friends.

Some crises are likely to nerita where you work.

Cash income and expenses related to your business or to explore issues very carefully considering each merkollunkal results.

If the student cerappokum education agency that you know and inquire about the adventure.

Needed to invest in small scale businesses can profit.

Kadka Rasi, Kadagam Rasi – Cancer:

Kadagam Rasi people, 2013 high-level responsibilities in the work place you are going to carry home.

You do not even blame it on task imposed on you.

The main problem is that you will blame yourself, it is good to be generous, but on what is happening around you and take note of the good aspects of health.

Enjoy romantic trip to flirt with the exception of minor disputes.

There are opportunities for you to start a new business.

There are some opportunities for profit in foreign-related business.

Do not take any sort of business venture.

They have perhaps stop losses are also possible.

Simha Rasi, Simmam Rasi – Leo:

Simmam Rasi people in the year 2013 and tells us that you are very lucky, fortunate in everything you touch them, if not, something will happen.

Expanding your business. Storing a large amount of the profit increase.

Have faith in your ability to same time try to avoid placing excessive reliance on the requirement.

The 2013 is very favorable to investment.

Simmam fate of the student lies on the readers to try.

They get a chance to enjoy the most favorable benefits.

Your love life will fall sharply this year.

Excited and satisfied in your own home with family relations creepy recovery.

In 2013, the year’s best feature is that you get peace of mind.

Kanya Rasi, Kanni Rasi – Virgo:

Kanni Rasi people, in 2013 family, love and divine things are going to pay for your time and attention.

Chances are planning a long vacation with your family.

This opportunity will provide opportunities to increase with family affection and intimacy and affection.

This year, the signs are good for your health.

You will spend time with family members to help you learn about your own inner mind.

Income, industry, and education-related issues is mixed benefits.

In the year 2013, you earn the respect and attention of everyone to achieve great things.

Universally admired your achievements in your work place.

Has been very careful in investing money.

You may make one immediate connection with business travel.

Tula Rasi, Thulaam Rasi – Libra:

Thulaam Rasi people, in 2013 large-scale effects on you.

Either always very satisfactorily lucky 2013 in some of the unsatisfactory cases meet there are opportunities.

This year some of the negative consequences caused some anxiety offered the hope of loosing their health on the right attention not to pay any of your benefit, housing issues and Romance issue you an increased focus must pay.

Before the start of something new in the industry with experience in the field to get the right advice and conducting adventure after the analysis of the benefit.

Due to the former shareholders dissatisfied with your own business, chances are you leaving.

Try to relax and spend some money if you do not leave it to the large-scale problems are opportunities.

This is definitely not the right time to engage in risky ventures.

Discuss the pros and disadvantages before deciding to invest your money in something you do after the analysis.

The result of hard work by students from the course they want.

Vrikshik Rasi, Viruchigam Rasi – Scorpio:

Viruchigam Rasi people, 2013 will be the year for you all mixed together.

You are Going to enjoy the happy moments of your life with such a strong child.

At the same time, some of the conflicts in a peaceful environment to disturb you.

But in your case, you’d be much healthier this year.

Fever, such as virus attack, only a few small problems have a chance to attack you.

Occupation, income, education on such matters would be in favor of this year.

Everything you need to experience adverse effects that you will have to make very tough labor.

In 2013, a large amount of your money to be stored on the opportunities you are unable to go.

Dhanu Rasi, Dhanusu Rasi – Sagittarius:

Dhanusu Rasi people, in 2013, you will be attractive in some ways.

Abandoned sportive mood, the spirit of things responsible will learn to access.

Although a little nervous at the beginning of the year in family matters as each day passes solved your problems start.

If you are going to be a sensible course it is possible to get married in 2013.

Professional advantage, not so much this year.

In 2013, the financial condition is stable.

Makar Rasi, Magaram Rasi – Capricorn:

Magaram Rasi people, 2013 in your life you create for yourself a chance for you to go, heart or love and business-related matters to you extreme pleasure that while the family end some blows.

You may be facing, in the second half of the family environment such favor, business for the 2013 year, you name and fame you get to go to the new initiatives.

If you are inquisitive to understand your relationships blossom fantastic.

Opportunities to increase your revenue this year is favorable.

Do not invest money that you earn so much money.

Students pay more attention to their studies.

Useful ways to spend their time away evil spirits.

Kumbh Rasi, Kumbam Rasi – Aquarius:

Kumbam Rasi people, you are going to enjoy a wonderful year in the 2013.

It is very attractive to you. At work you love and people you love, like love and respect for you with great joy.

Sometimes ego you homicidal. They are fine to avoid such situations.

Maintain a broad range of attitudes in this year will be very helpful to you.

In 2013, at the end of your compact ordinate your promotion.

Throughout the year, throughout the year, provides a series of cash to keep you happy.

Meena Rasi, Meenam Rasi – Pisces:

Meenam Rasi people, being dependent on others for the year 2013 was a good year.

If you pay attention to your health a bit more serious, some skin and blood related diseases are likely to be hit.

You can not ignore your romantic relationship.

You must be sure of your decision about my life.

2013 officially and not so positive.

You argue with someone who is serious in promotions.

This is likely to cause adverse effects.