Makkal Tamil TV Show - Malarum Bhoomi 12-04-2013

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Malarum Bhoomi 12-04-2013 - Makkal TV Show | Malarum Boomi program 12th April 2013
Learn all about the latest techniques, practices and technologies in growing maize in this episode of Valar Solai.
Malarum Bhoomi, Makkal tv Shows

Malarum Bhoomi on Makkal TV aims at educating and informing the farmers across Tamil Nadu. Malarum Bhoomi addresses current issues in the sector and focuses on value adding to the business of agriculture, while assisting small holder farmers with practical information on how to go about daily farming practices. This show covers all the new thoughts and innovative techniques that are being explored by farmers across Tamil Nadu. This programme aims at sowing faith and knowledge in the minds of the farming fraternity. The show is fertile with information on issues, trends and technologies used in the agricultural industry.