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Watch Sun TV show Super Kudumbam 28-08-2012 online. Tamil TV Show Super Kudumbam August 28th 2012. New Show on Sun TV Super Kudumbam 18-08-12 @ Techsatish.
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It is the winner’s world. A brand new show titled “Super Kudumbam” filled with fun, entertainment and talent exposure is all set to reach your homes. The coaster ride will consist of all the Sun TV serial families competing along with each other. It’s going to be a power packed battle show consisting of 6 rounds including group dance, group song, solo dance, solo song, group skit and solo skit between our very own sun families. The prestigious panel of judges includes the famous music director Gangai Ammaran, the charming actress Meena and the dancing queen Sukanya. In each episode the best performer will be chosen as “Amul coolest performer of the day”. To add an element of surprise we have “The Khazana Golden Opportunity” lucky draw round. Sun Tv, Sun Tv Show, Sun tv Shows, Super Kudumbam, TV Shows.
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